Pearce Sinusotomy Kit

Pearce Sinusotomy Kit



Designed in conjunction with Equine Dental Clinic, this revolutionary kit provides a simple and safe way to achieve access through bony structures of the head for diagnostics and treatments e.g. sinocentesis and minimally invasive repulsion.

The drill guards protect the surrounding tissues including the periosteum reducing risks of complications.  Smaller drills may be used manually or with a small driver, larger sinusotomy drills are best used with a slow-speed driver and irrigation.

Optional drill stops prevent accidental trauma deep to the bone structure.


  • 3x Sinusotomy Drill Pieces (numbers 8,12 and 16)
  • 3x Sinusotomy Drill guards for use with 8 12 and 16Drill pieces
  • 3x Sinusotomy Drill depth Limiters for use with 8 and 12 and 16 Drill Pieces
  • 1x Allen Key


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