PowerFloat Mains Powered Basic Kit

PowerFloat Mains Powered Basic Kit

A basic kit will include:

  • Pelican Carry Case (Lifetime warranty)
  • Powerfloat Wheel removal tool
  • LED Headlight
  • Grease Gun
  • Grease Tube: 15oz tube
  • Two Nylon Mouth Gags (large and small size included
  • The Guarded Right Angle shaft with a diamond disc

This model is powered by a variable speed, heavy-duty, DeWalt motor. The motor is adapted so that different shafts can be attached according to need.

Variable speed (0 to 4000 rpm) 20 volt lithium ion motor with nano technology.




Comes with Quick Connect Electric model with Guarded Right Angle Attachment, 100% Diamond Grinding Wheel(2) Plus Standard Accessories

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