Servicing your DYNAMIC or ECOMAK power equipment regularly will help ensure it continues to function effectively and efficiently. Equipment that is regularly serviced will be much less likely to break down and to let you down!

Below are the service options available:


  • DIY Servicing

Available for practitioners who prefer to do the servicing of the power tools themselves.  Basic and Advanced kits can be purchased and used in conjunction with our step by step online guides, servicing can be carried out on a workbench with a small selection of readily available tools such as a vice and spanners.

Great for practitioners who want zero down time without their DYNAMIC power tools!

Use the DYNAMIC online guides below for reference with the DYNAMIC Disc/Burr removal kit (available to buy from your local distributor).


  • DYNAMIC Equipment Service Centre

It is recommended that all complete dental power tool systems (DPTS) receive an annual service in order to prolong the life span of the equipment.  Regular servicing should also reduce long-term servicing costs.

For a very busy practitioner treating 1000 - 2000 equines a year, it is recommended that DPTS is serviced twice a year.

It is worth noting that depending on the number of equines treated, how the handpieces are cared for and maintained will affect the cost of the servicing.

A number of DYNAMIC global distributors have trained in-house technicians to service the DYNAMIC and ECOMAK powered equipment, and will turnaround this equipment as quickly as possible and will always, where possible, discuss any work that needs to be undertaken, and the costs involved prior to starting the service.  The DYNAMIC Equipment Service Centres are also able to work on any repairs to equipment.  Click to find out more about where your nearest DYNAMIC Equipment Service Centre is located.

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